My Crazy Love Story

Hi there! Ok so I want to jump right into this crazy love mess I have going on lol. I would start this out with long story short, but i dont think there is no short side to this story, no matter how i put it. lol. So I’ll just start from the beginning. My husband Joshua and I met when we moved into my moms boyfriends house which was two houses down from his. We shared the bus stop along with my older brother John, and my younger sister Brittany. Of course him and my brother became friends , hanging out riding bikes and yes i grew a crush instantly. lol Cutey from day one! lol
Anyways John being a typical brother tells him about my little crush, i swear i was so mad and embarrassed i tried avoiding him. But come to find out the feeling was mutual. Awesome! Funniest thing I love telling this part, when we first met we were both seven years old and are actually only seven days apart him being the oldest and of course I never live it down. He actually “broke” up with me on his birthday and made me wait fifteen days until I was eight years old. Too young he said! lol. Our parents actually got us ready to what i refer to as our very “first date”. One of the sweetest memories I’ll always cherish. My mom got me ready and did my hair and when he got in the car I remember he smelled so good and I could tell he was just as nervous as I was. So off we went to the skating rink and I schooled his butt lol. Butterflies sparked as we held helds even when he drug me down everytime he fell! Haha. I knew I loved that boy every day since then. Of course being kids we broke up got back together but there was always that something that just drew me to him. Every single time. Even times when I moved there was still phone calls. Now high school is really were it all began and got more serious. After some family issues that we can most definatley get to later on, i ended up having to move an hour away with my dad and Josh would come get me every weekend and we absolutely hated the distance. We were so in love i hated the weekdays and just waited for the weekends were we could be together. Anyways so us being teenagers in love we spent one night talking hours on the phone and he actually came and picked me up in the middle of the night. I packed a few clothes snuck out knowing dang well my father was going to be furious but i hated being away from josh and i listened to my heart, obviously not with my head. lol. It honestly didnt turn out too bad tho, my dad actually sat us down and knew how much we wanted to be together and we all worked out an arragngent and that’s the part were i moved into my boyfriends house at 17 years old. And here’s another little fun twist, before the amazing runaway, we were so desperate to be together that we planned unprotected sex with the thought of a baby will fix anyone trying to keep us away. What a plan?! lol.Of course, when we got to move in together we decided against that. Well, too late! Found out we were pregnant at 14 weeks. We both were kinda freaking out but also happy about it. His mom on the other hand wasn’t so happy. lol. She took me to the store and made me take another test so she could see for herslef. haha. So let’s do a little skipping around to keep this as simple as possible. In between my son Blake, my daughter Miranda, and my other daughter Raelyn there was cheating on both of our parts and a very rocky relationship. We always work through it and anytime we ever actually end it, it don’t stay that way for long. We hate being away from each other. I love him. And I know he loves me. But we have such a rocky road behind us. To go ahead and put it out there, a lot of our relationship it was abusive. It was starting to become more bad times than the good. Then of course we got pregnant with my daughter Miranda. Things did get a little better. Of course your probably wondering like everyone else did, “why stay in a relationship if it’s toxic”? Well yeah, maybe there has been plenty of times were we should have ended it but the thought of my family being broken up killed me. My parents didn’t stay togeether and it was seeing my dad every other weekend and my mom never being too stable an had asshole boyfriends. We have always pushed past anything we have done to each other. We are best friends and no matter what we will always love each other so much. Through all of these years it was always me and him for life. Always. It was always me. No matter how many times there was cheating involved, and it has been from both sides, breaking up was never ok he would beg me and we would say things would get better, and they always would for a while. Plenty of times I was just done and there was a time after our first daughter that I was actually done and couldn’t take it anymore and we were split up for a year. It happened around my birthday in November and around christmas I had started talking to someone over the phone and New Years comes around, I find out Josh has a chick over. So the year goes by and me and Josh reunite and get back together and the morning after I came back into the house, the chick, let’s call her J, comes over unannounced and sees us in bed together. Now he has always told me this chick was just his little weekend girlfriend, but she obviously felt more for him. One night back and he has already put my wedding ring back on my finger. So he talks with her and breaks things off and we start doing amazing, better than we have in a long time. christmas comes around and we are just as happy as a family can be. Everything was perfect, until he fell asleep forgetting to delete texts messages one night… I called her from his phone and she had informed me it had been going on for a few months. She sounded so proud sadly to say. Instantly he ended it with her again, yet again not the last time for me to find messages, and yes like a highschooler I called her out and we threw hands and fought right in front of him. I’ll say my brothers taught me well. lol. So anyways to shorten the story she didn’t stay away and it came down to me, her and josh having a sit a sitdown to talk about what we were gonna do because of course I didn’t want to break my family up. Fast forward to around 5 years down the road and she is in our lives and we are currently in a “Throuple” relationship as we call it. To be continued……..

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Meet the crew!

Family is everything and more! Where would I be without them? All I can say is life would be pretty dull and pointless without my crazy bunch! So of course I am beyond ecstatic to introduce them….bum bum bummmm!

The Husband! (Josh)

Meeting this amazing man has been the best thing that has happened to me, by far. From being my neighbor at seven years old, to becoming my life partner, love of my life and most of all, my best friend. Almost 20 years now we have been in each other’s lives. Aside from all of our ups and downs, cause believe me there are plenty, there is just no keeping me and him apart. We’re each other’s needs and wants. To be honest he is one of my biggest heroes and has such a big heart. He would bend over backwards and give the shirt off his back for someone in need. He is such a hard worker and such a romantic. Especially lately it’s like butterflies and I could go on but maybe another time lol I’m happy to say all this time and I’m still absolutely head over heels about my man! I’m a lucky woman.

Blake Austin

Let me start with saying my son is the most soft hearted person I know. He cares so much and wears his heart on his sleeve. Such an amazing quality but we’re definitely on the track of toughening him up a bit. Football is helping and it fills my heart to see him heading in his dads footsteps with the sport, but my main concern is my kids will know how to take up for themselves if ever needed. Of course, I’m a mom! Lol he also has an interest in archeology and has such an organized rock collection. He is so smart and is a straight A student. There is such a bright future ahead of him. More hobbies of him are fishing, swimming, getting dirty, enjoys hog hunting with dad, Pokémon, hanging with friends! Sometimes I take a step back and I realize how fast time is going. Nine in December?! Reality sucks! Stop growing!!

Miranda Anne (Boog)

Like mother like daughter! This girl is my spitting image. This one here is my little prissy drama queen who has a crooked tiara on everyday, metaphorically speaking! If things aren’t going her way she sure is gonna let you know and she will fight to get her way. Ha. Not that she always gets her way but she does try! She definitely acts too grown for her age but she is headstrong I know it. In the future I know she is going to slay every goal in front of her and knock anything out of the way doing it lol. Too much of me carried down to her, but I love it! Now she does have a soft side that halo is there somewhere! When it comes to friends I believe that’s were she gets from her dad, she is gonna do for them if help is needed. Friends are definitely important to Miranda. Things she is interested in!? Being my model for photography, cheering, dancing, singing, dress up, playing with animals and friends, arts and crafts with momma, & make believe! How fun is 6! Lol

Raelyn Ashton (Rae Rae)

Seriously the first words that comes to mind with Rae and especially in her photos, is free spirit!! She is always on the go she has no stop button I can tell you that. Lol. She is super sweet and caring and so smart right alongside that. She started talking amazing repeatedly everything and I mean everything we say! She was walking early. Determined is the word for her. But she is also very tough! If you hit her she is definitely hitting you back, harder! My baby’s feelings do not get hurt very easily it’s just attitude, hands on the hip and walking away! Lol. She is such a great handful to have. She is a fast learner. She fills my day with happiness. Just like her sister she enjoys the dress ups, singing, dancing, loving on her grandparents, playing outside and more!

My family deserves the world and I’ll do anything to get it for them! I have absolutely nothing but high hopes for our future set aside some stepping stones we can discuss later on. I hope you enjoyed reading and there is more to come! Love ya!!!!! 💋

A Crazy Introduction!

Hey guys!!

Dana here! Im a mom of three amazingly beautiful kids & a recent stay at home mom. As much as I do enjoy working, I am more than overjoyed to be spending my free time at home and not missing out on my family. My husband works hard early to evening to make sure we have what we need, and he loves being able to come home to a clean house, dinner and what not. But what man doesn’t, right? Lol

But anyways as much as I’d love to introduce us more, I’d really like to cover the subjects that will be talked about the most, to give y’all some ideas on what your getting yourselves into! Because let me tell you now, this family is far from normal but being judged doesn’t bother me so much!


  1. My family
  2. Crafts!
  3. DIY costumes!
  4. Cooking!
  5. House maintenance
  6. My relationship which involves a second woman!
  7. My friends and family
  8. Definitely random ranting!
  9. Questions/answers
  1. . My goals

So basically yes, I wanna talk about EVERYTHING! Lol my mind just wonders and wonders, sometimes it’s good sometimes bad. Starting a blog seemed like such a good way to express myself and keep myself from bottling things up. Because idk about you but it makes me crazy. But I am so excited to write more!!

My next blog will be introducing my family & some more explanation!!!!! Til then! 💋

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